Clean, quiet, beautiful

Things for which, on returning to Denver, I am newly grateful:

1. Air! Beautiful, crisp, clean, gorgeous mountain air! This sweet life-giving elixir, this ambrosial ether extending to the pure untarnished cerulean! Never again will I malign you. Denver’s intermittent “brown cloud”? Ha! Just a dash of lemon in a glass of spring water.

2. Speaking of water, water! When I got home my water filter pitcher was empty, so you know what I did? I turned on the tap, leaned over and just drank that shit. You know what? It tasted great!

3. Quiet! My god, how did I ever think traffic was noisy here? Walking down Colfax is like strolling through a damn park. Walking through Capitol Hill is like tip-toeing through a meditation hall.

4. My apartment! This place is a mansion! It’s got hot water, electricity, fast internet, windows and doors and everything. You know how many people out there can’t afford doors? A lot, it turns out.

And, of course, my own good health, family and friends, gainful employment, food in my belly, and the money and privilege to have made such a journey in the first place. Apologies if this amounts to the stereotypical “we’re so lucky” message, but really: We are.

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