Wrote this song and recorded this video a couple years back, but for some reason never shared it. Well, here it is now. Lyrics follow.

It’s not that I didn’t suspect, I just couldn’t say
With precision where the conflict lay
But here in this journal it’s so plain to see
The Gordian knot of our joint misery

I thought love was some kind of marathon
All I needed was to carry on
But you grew to hate my heart of stone
You just wanted to be left alone

Then you cut through our ties like a blade
A few swift strokes and all our lies were unmade

Maybe you forgot, but I never could
That day we walked beneath the cottonwoods
By the riverbank we made our tryst
You the very first I’d ever kissed

In the dusk your skin silvery shone
In the chill spring air I trembled like a fawn

I still see you in my dreams
Slipping so swiftly downstream
Your eyes fixed on the waxing moon
Your ears witched by some faerie tune

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